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A divorce or a separation is a situation that tears your life apart. In such a situation, your child is the most affected. Let the attorneys at Law Offices of Miles & Hatcher, LLP Attorneys and Counselors at Law help you through the situation with professional family law services. We will be sure to provide you with an information sheet to fill out with an attorney. This has been found helpful too lay out your assets, collect your thoughts and sort out any questions you may have

  • Child custody

  • Visitation

  • Support issues

  • Property division

  • Amicable divorce

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We understand that no two cases are alike and can change reguarly. The well-being of the child is most important, so be sure to ask us about out-of-state parenting assistance. Our experienced lawyers also help on parenting collaboration such as visitation and custody.

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Our attorneys have a proven track record. They have successfully handled thousands of cases throughout Southern California!

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  • Child support

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